Technical Support

Hixmas Microbial Control center supply many market with comprehensive service:

Relevant professional regulations guidance: We help customers to meet regulatory requirements and product quality assurance, Ensure microbiological control solutions is given official approval according to client expectations.

Solution for microorganism: Hixmas Microbial Control centerl provides clients with product application and test methods including inhibition circle test and weather-resistance test, which help customers to improve product quality and cost reduction.

Testing technology and equipment:Our expertise understands market needs and provides answers to questions and problems,We have environmentally preferred products designed to meet evolving regulatory needs of customers.


Chemical Lab

 Product Compatibility Test


Chemical Analysis Lab

 Formaldehyde Residue Test

 Preservatives Identification & Assay   Analysis

 Preservative Residue Assay Analysis


Microbiological Lab

 Microbes Identification

 Colonies Number TestCFU)

 Preservatives Effective Test by inhibition   zone

 Bacterial Challenge Test


Cleaning Production   SchemeCPS)

 Storage Tank Automatic Disinfection Equipment

 Secondary Pollution Prevention